HCV Chain Actuator

Actulux HCV Chain Actuator

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Description: The HCV Actulux is a 24v chain actuator. It provides window automation for both smoke ventilation, as well as everyday natural ventilation purposes. With a range of opening sizes available, the HCV actuator is perfect for automating high level windows as well as lightweight roof vents and domes.

Force: 300N or 500N thrust

Power: 230V AC or 24V DC

Stroke: 350mm, 600mm, 800mm or 1000mm (24Vdc only)

Protective class: IP32

Locking force: 1000 N

Features: –

Microprocessor controlled BUS-synchronization

Max. 8 drives can be connected with each other

Push/Pull-Force, Opening/Closing-Speed and Stroke length free programmable

Electronic overload protection

Gasket relief after closing

Reduced speed and force during the last 70 mm of closing (“Soft-close”)

2 different speeds, one for daily ventilation (slow) and one for SHEV (fast)

Aluminium alloy housing with special surface treatment

Drive is supplied with 2.5 m silicone cable

Different types of brackets available, depends on type of windows and kind of mounting

Compatible to all Actulux 24 V SV and SVM Control Panels

Tested according to EN 12101-2

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