Maintenance & Repair

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Smoke ventilation saves lives and it is absolutely essential that your system is maintained and serviced on a regular basis to ensure that it works correctly when activated during a fire. Our experienced engineers are available countrywide to maintain and service your natural & mechanical smoke vent systems, fire dampers and fire curtains.

Smoke Vent Systems Ltd. specialise in providing scheduled preventative maintenance. We are happy to conduct a site survey and advise you on the most suitable maintenance plan for your building, completely free of charge. We ensure that your system is kept in optimum running order and can repair and refurbish existing systems regardless of who manufactured or installed it. We will issue a test certificate for smoke control systems, and offer an out of hours call facility for customers with a maintenance contract.

SVS Ltd. currently maintain sites for Local Authorities, MOD sites, Shopping Centres, Universities and some of the largest food/drink manufacturers in the UK. We would be pleased to receive your enquiry to quote for whatever site you are responsible for. Like-for-like repairs can be carried out on most systems but SVS Ltd. may require the original Operation & Maintenance manuals and design philosophies. Complex old systems without such information may require our design services to ensure your smoke ventilation system meets current standards and regulations.

New maintenance contracts often highlight panels with poor install cabling and faults like incorrectly sized or dead batteries

Like for Like repairs of AOV’s fitted with actuators

AOV Actuator

Warehouse Maintenance & Repairs to Electro-Pneumatic Smoke Ventilation Systems

Pneumatic Smoke Vent Repair

Under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005, systems need to be maintained to comply with current regulations and legal responsibility falls to the ‘responsible person’. The ‘responsible person’ may be anyone who has control of premises or, who has a degree of control over certain areas or systems (e.g, an employer, a managing agent, an owner, an occupier or any other person who has some control over all or part of relevant premises) All of Smoke Vent Systems’ maintenance and servicing conforms to the following regulations & standards: –

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

BS EN 12101

Building Regulations – Approved Document B

BS 7346

BS 9999

BS 9991

Examples of Smoke Ventilators Replaced

Old Smoke Vent Hatch had torn its lid off the hinges and actuator and needed replacing as it could not be repaired

We installed a new Smoke Vent Hatch, kerb and weathering. New design has five lid hinges rather than the previous three

Old Pneumatic Louvre Smoke Vents required replacement as the blades were jamming shut and had been poorly repaired in the past.

New Pneumatic Louvre Smoke Ventilators supplied and fitted  to operational factory warehouse requiring careful planning with client to minimise disruption.

Existing aluminium roof windows required repairs and smoke ventilation added

New CE Marked Smoke Vent Windows with client’s RAL Colour

Old faulty Naco maglock release, manual close non-insulated Louvre Smoke Ventilators.

New Insulated Drive-Open Drive-Close Louvre Smoke Ventilators supplied and fitted to care home.

Original Maglock Smoke Vent Hatch could not be repaired and was unsuitable for eight storey building in windy coastal location

New Louvre Smoke Vent supplied and fitted with kerb and weathered. Drive-open Drive-close controls added to system.