Roof Opensky Ventilator

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Description: Roof Opensky ventilator is a cost effective and energy efficient smoke and natural ventilator for use in Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation (SHEV). Opensky can be roof or wall mounted for exhaust or air inlet. The system offers effective fire safety with units tested for use as smoke ventilators. The roof Opensky can also be supplied with a hinged base which can be utilised as an Access Hatch.

Features: –

  • Can be fitted into any roof or glazed construction
  • Available with a wide range of control options
  • Aerodynamically tested and highly efficient smoke vent
  • Weatherproof and resistant to air leakage and rainwater
  • Tested to withstand extreme wind and snow loads
  • Tested to EN12101-2

Roof OpenSky Smoke Ventilator Data Sheet

Packages Include:

1 Electrically operated Louvre Roof Smoke Vent – to achieve 1m2

Or, 1 Electrically operated Louvre Roof Smoke Vent – to achieve 1.5m2

1 Single Zone Wall Control Panel (SVM)

1 Break Glass Call Point

1 Smoke Detector

Additional switches and detectors available

Additional vent sizes, glazing and finishes available

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