SVM Single Zone AOV Control Panel

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Common Use: Our SVM single zone AOV control panel is a fully tested and certificates unit suited to operating AOVs in the common areas of multiple occupancy buildings – stairwells vents, hatches and end of corridor windows. Using BUS communication 2 – 35 control panels can be connected with line detection. Normally used in multiple occupancy building common areas and perfect for simple Stairwell AOV systems. Can be used as slave outstations to create a multi-zone system.

Product Information

  • Fully tested & certificated Single Zone control panel (EN 12101-10:2005)
  • 2 – 35 panels can be connected for multi-zone applications
  • Available as the SVM Basic with just a Manual Call Point (break-glass) or, the SVM EI model which allows for the addition of a dedicated Firefighter’s Priority Switch as well as the standard Manual Call Point (break-glass).
  • When using the SVM EI panels, the black reset button in the Manual Call Point must be used to reset the panel after the Firefighter’s Priority Switch (FOS) has been used.
  • Ready for Comfort Control
  • Ready for Rain and Wind Sensors
  • Alarm output
  • Fault output
  • Available with front panel override switch built in
  • Stand alone system or easily integratable
  • Also conforms to EN12101-9


  • Input Voltage: 240v AC 50Hz
  • Output Voltage: 24v DC
  • 5A or 8A
  • Weight – 7.5 kg
  • Enclosure size – 238 x 113 x 286 mm

Model                    Output

SVM/5                     5 Amp

SVM/8                     8 Amp (may need to be ordered in)

SVM EI/5                5 Amp

SVM EI/8                8 Amp (will have to be ordered in)


Manual Call Point (MCP) break-glass

Firefighter’s Priority Switch (FPS) break-glass (For use with EI panels only)

Daily Vent Rocker Switch – S50

Remote Control for Comfort Ventilation

GSM Modem


SVM EI Panel Manual

SVM Basic Panel Manual

SVM (Basic) Quick Setup Guide

SVM Control Panel Overview

Certified according to EN12101-10 class A (double supply)

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