SVM Single Zone AOV Control Panel

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Common Use: Our SVM single zone AOV control panel is a fully tested and certificates unit suited to operating AOVs in the common areas of multiple occupancy buildings – stairwells vents, hatches and end of corridor windows. Using BUS communication 2 – 35 control panels can be connected with line detection.

Product Information

  • Fully tested & certificated Single Zone control panel (EN 12101-10:2005)
  • 2 – 35 panels can be connected for multi-zone applications
  • Ready for Comfort Control
  • Ready for Rain and Wind Sensors
  • Alarm output
  • Fault output
  • Available with front panel override switch built in
  • Stand alone system or easily integratable
  • Also conforms to EN12101-9
  • The SVM EI model allows for the addition of a Fireman’s Priority Switch as well as the standard Break-Glass manual Call Point.


  • Input Voltage: 240v AC 50Hz
  • Output Voltage: 24v DC
  • 5A or 8A
  • Weight – 7.5 kg
  • Enclosure size – 238 x 113 x 286 mm

Model          Output
SVM/5          5 Amp
SVM/8          8 Amp

SVM EI/5    5 Amp (has to be ordered in)

SVM EI/8    8 Amp (has to be ordered in)

Common Use

  • Multiple occupancy building common areas
  • Perfect for simple Stairwell AOV systems
  • Smoke shaft dampers, hatches, louvres and windows
  • Comfort ventilation purposes

SVM Quick Setup Guide

SVM Control Panel Technical Data

Certified according to EN12101-10 class A (double supply)

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