Actulux Manual Call Point Break Glass Switch

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Description: SVS Ltd. can offer these quality monitored Actulux orange manual call point break glass switches.  These switches are used to operate Actulux SVM 5A and 8A panels. Developed to be used with the Actulux smoke ventilation system.
Key operated door, and buzzer silent when door opens. Cable entry from top, bottom or back.

Features: –

  • Available in orange or grey
  • Supplied with a back box for surface mounting
  • LED indication: ’’ok” (green), “error” (yellow), “alarm activated’’ (red), “open” (blue)
  • Minimum 6 cores
  • IP rating: IP30, also available in IP43, IP54
  • Up to 10 units can be used with SVM panels

Downloads: –

Manual Call Point Break Glass Switch Data Sheet

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