Fire Damper Inspection & Testing

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As with smoke ventilation systems, fire dampers must be maintained on an annual basis or more depending on their location and building use. If fire dampers are not regularly maintained it may affect the safety of building’s occupants as a faulty fire damper will not prevent the spread of fire. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 makes it the employer’s responsibility to maintain their fire safety systems.

To be compliant with BS 9999:2017, a Fire Damper test requires:

1) Visual inspection of the fire damper and,

2) Drop test.

What is a fire damper drop test?

Fire dampers are located where ductwork passes through fire compartment walls and floors. They are typically held open by a ‘fusible link’, which BS 9999:2017 defines as a ‘device that releases a component such as a fire damper or fire shutter at a set temperature’.

When met by high heat, a fusible link will release and close the fire damper. The fusible link or spring catch can also be released manually, for testing purposes. Our engineers will manually release the fire damper and visually check the integrity of the mechanism. All fire dampers should close fully on release as it is the integrity of the closure that prevents the spread of smoke and fire in an emergency situation.

Accessing fire dampers for testing purposes

Access is critical. All fire dampers should be located within reach of an access point – this would either be a builder’s hatch or access panel in ductwork. If your fire dampers do not have appropriate access we can help you by installing new hatches and access panels.

Resetting a fire damper

On completion of a satisfactory test, it is essential that the damper is correctly reset, so it is ready in an emergency. Our team is skilled at resetting fire dampers and replacing fusible links, if necessary.

Fire damper cleaning & remedial work

As your ventilation system is used it will accumulate dust and debris, which could prevent the fire damper from operating. Our team will clean your fire damper as part of the testing service. If our specialists find a high build-up of dust or debris within any ductwork area, we will report back with photographic evidence. As can be seen in the example photos below, some dampers are found to have been jammed open or fitted with incorrect fusible links – remedial works will be conducted to rectify such issues, quickly and efficiently.

Evidence of fire damper testing

Completing a testing routine is insufficient for compliance. You need to maintain accurate records of when testing was carried out. SVS Ltd. produces an industry-leading electronic fire damper testing report, which includes photographic evidence of testing, to satisfy authorities that testing has been conducted.

Typical Mechanical (E Type) Fire Damper Testing Photos

Typical Motorised (ES Type) Fire Damper Testing Photos

Examples of faults found on existing dampers tested

Smoke Vent Systems Ltd. can quote from our clients asset lists and plans or can offer a full survey and testing package.

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