XVent Glazed Roof Smoke Ventilator

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Description:- The Xvent is an opening rooflight designed to vent smoke as an Automatically Opening Vent (AOV) and to provide day-to-day ventilation. The lid opens to an angle of 45° for ventilation, and to 140° when triggered by the fire alarm system. The Xvent has been designed and tested to EN 12101-2:2003 – only the 1.0m2 version is currently certificated. A variety of optional extras including a rain sensor, thermostat, remote control, and Building Management System connectivity are available. This product is robust and long-lasting, boasting excellent thermal performance, air tightness and reliable operation. Hinged AOV rooflight for smoke ventilation. Also provides natural daylight, day-to-day ventilation and weather resistance. It is not suitable for use as access.

Features: –

  • Opens to 140° when triggered by fire alarm system
  • Various flanges are available to allow integration with non-glazed composite structures
  • Qualicoat approved RAL 7015 slate grey outer, RAL 9010 pure white inner other non-standard colours available at extra cost.
  • 1.0m2 vent tested and certificated to BS EN12101-2 for use as a smoke ventilator.

External Weathered Upstand Dimensions: –

 Min Span:  1400 mm  Max Span:  1400 mm 
Min Width:  1400 mm  Max Width:  1900 mm 
Min Internal Measured Free Area:  1.00 m2  Max Internal Measured Free Area:  1.50 m2 
Min Upstand Pitch:    Max Upstand Pitch:   
Recommended pitch of at least 5°. 

X-Vent Glazed Roof Ventilator Data Sheet

Product Overview

X-Vent Kerb Drawing

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