160° Opening Smoke Hatch

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Description: We can supply tested and fully certified EN12102-2 smoke hatch ventilators for smoke clearance of staircases, smoke shafts and lobby areas. Our hatch ventilators comply with the latest regulations and open to a maximum of 160° within 60 seconds, each with a perspex lid to allow natural light through. The hatches are sold as smoke ventilators sized at 1sqm (generally for staircases and shafts), or 1.5sqm (generally for corridors and lobbies).

Features: –

  • Fully certified to EN12101-2
  • Compliant with Building Regulation ADB and ADL
  • Opens to 160 ̊ within 60 seconds
  • Offset actuator assembly to allow roof access
  • Designed to also offer natural comfort ventilation
  • Impact resistant to EN1873 1200 joules and are therefore certified non-fragile
  • Available as square, rectangular or circular
  • Available with domed, glazed or solid insulated lid
  • Available with vertical or flared kerbs or collar to fit over builder’s upstand


Smoke Hatch Data Sheet

Packages Include:

1 Electrically operated Single Leaf Smoke Vent Hatch – to achieve 1m2

Or, 1 Electrically operated Single Leaf Smoke Vent Hatch – to achieve 1.5m2

1 Single Zone Wall Control Panel (SVM)

1 Break Glass Call Point

1 Smoke Detector

Additional switches and detectors available

Additional vent sizes, glazing and finishes available

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