WMD820 folding arm actuator

WMD820 Folding Arm Actuator 

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Description:  WMD 820 suitable for windows and doors for natural ventilation and some smoke ventilation purposes.

Force:  250N thrust

Power: 24V DC

Current: 1A

Features: –

  • Folding Arm Actuator designed for use on side-hung (inward or outward) opening windows or doors.
  • Inward (WMD820-1G-IN) and Outward (WMD820-1G-OUT) to be ordered separately.
  • When installed correctly the Actuator can give a 90- degree opening.
  • Full opening/closing movement within 60 seconds.
  • Various mounting brackets available (each sold separately).
  • 24V DC version only.
  • Compatible with Window Master WSC Controls
  • Supplied complete with 0.5.m cable.

WMD 820 Folding Arm Actuator Datasheet

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