WMU 836 Chain Actuator

WMU 86 & 88 Chain Actuator (Programmable)

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Description: WMU 86 and 88 chain actuators are compact, programmable chain actuators designed for use on heavier roof vents and domes. Capable of being programmed to the desired opening speed and stroke, they are also programmed to reverse when encountering obstacles in the way of closing, ensuring a significantly reduced risk of entrapment. WMU chain actuators are suitable for both smoke ventilation, as well as everyday natural ventilation purposes.

Force: 600N or 1000N thrust

Power: 24V DC

Stroke: 300mm, 500mm, 600mm, 750mm

Features: –

  • Supplied with vent bracket and 5m cable
  • Elegant alternative to linear type actuators on heavy roof lights and domes
  • Actuator can be programmed to required opening speed and opening stroke
  • Compatible with Window Master WSC Controls
  • Available as a single, double, triple or quad synchro actuator
  • Reduced risk of entrapment as actuators reverse if they encounter obstacles when closing
  • Soft close function
  • All brackets supplied separately

WMU 86 & 88 Datasheet

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