AOV Multi Zone Control Panel

DISCONTINUED – AOV Multiple Zone Control Panel

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Common Use:  NOW DISCONTINUED – This compliant but non-CE marked Multi-Zone Control Panel is a basic low cost unit suited to operating AOV’S in multiple occupancy buildings with several zones. Operates shaft or staircase vents with separate zones or large single areas with multiple windows or vents

Product Information:

  • For larger systems that require more than one zone to trigger separately
  • Independant system or interfaced to fire alarm
  • Triggers via a fire panel or an independant loop
  • Open or close all zones with firemans call point
  • Master zone capable – 1 zone (shaft / staircase) to trigger together with any other zone(s)
  • 3 Base Units – up to 5 zone, 10 zone or 15 zone
  • Compliant to EN12101-10
  • Not CE Marked


  • Input Voltage: 240v AC 50Hz (+5%/-5%)
  • Output Voltage: 24v DC (+10%/ -10%
  • 1 x AOVZ-01 required per zone

Base Unit                Output       Charge
AOV5/A                   5 Amp        1 Amp
AOV10/A or /B      10 Amp      1.5 Amp
AOV20/B                20 Amp      3 Amp
AOV30/C                30 Amp      4.5 Amp

AOV Control Panel Schematics

smoke ventilation icon
Daily ventilation icon
Zone Card

DISCONTINUED – AOVZ-01 : Zone card ( for AOV Mutlizone Control Panel )

NOW DISCONTINUED – One AOVZ-01 zone card is required per working zone in our AOV Multi Zone control panels.

For supply only, depending on which system you set up you will need to order the correct number of cards to accompany each base unit.