Digital Control Panel

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Description: Our digital control systems allow you to control and operate automatic windows, roof vents and dampers. They are easily set up and require little training to use. The system can be set up either pre-installation, or via the programme supplied by simply plugging a laptop into any of the network boards. The system is extremely versatile and can be used for both fire safety, or simply for environmental control, though the fire protocol settings will always take precedence.

Features: –

  • Used for operation of automatic opening windows, roof vents or dampers
  • Can control almost all aspects of a smoke or natural ventilation system
  • Can be used for fire systems, environmental control or both
  • Each zone can be programmed to act as either a smoke ventilator, smoke shaft or staircase
  • Each zone board can drive up to a 10 amp load, but can be supplied to operate at 20amp, 30amp, 40amp and 60 amps
  • Uses fire rated cable to ensure integrity of the system can be assured under all circumstances
  • Can be used with a range of inputs