MPKZ1 Single Zone Control Panels

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Description: These tested CE Marked Single Zone Ventilator Control Panels are designed to operate Natural Daily or Smoke Extract Ventilators as one control zone where the ventilators are fitted with 24V D.C. actuators and there is a requirement for a maintained power supply of 5 or 10 amps.

Typically these are installed to protect staircases, Lobbies, Corridors or Smoke Extract Shafts. The panel may be configured as single local panel or used as part of a collective control system in conjunction with other Stairwell Control Panels. Each panel requires a 230V A.C. power supply and outputs 5 or 10 Amp at 24V D.C. maximum to operate the actuators. This power supply comes from an internal charger / power unit which provides the required smooth 24V D.C. power output essential for the long life of the ventilator actuators. To further prolong the actuator life the 24V D.C. power voltage is applied only when the actuators operate. Each panel may be controlled via no voltage (n/v) contacts from a Fire Alarm interface unit, by others and or by direct connection to independent smoke detector heads, break glass units and Fireman’s Override Switches as part of an SVS Ltd system.
To comply with the requirements of the new British Standard BS: EN12101 part 10 section 4.1 (Covering power supplies) which requires the control panel to have two independent sources of power.

Power Input: 230V AC

Power Output: 5A or 10A

Features: –

  • Suitable for protecting staircases, lobbies, corridors or smoke extract shafts
  • May be configured as single local panel or used as part of a collective control system
  • Can be controlled via a range of inputs
  • EN12101-10 certified power supply
  • CE Marked

Single Zone schematic with Smoke Head, Break-Glass or Interface and Key switch

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