Multi Zone Control Panels

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Description: This Compliant but non-CE Marked Multi Zone Control Panel is designed to operate multiple zones of ventilators where the ventilators are fitted with 24V D.C. actuators. Typically this type of panel is installed to operate a number of smoke shaft ventilators plus a shaft head Ventilator or to operate systems with multiple AOVs in staircases, lobbies or corridors. Multi zone control panels are also used in conjunction with powered extract or pressurisation systems.

Each panel requires a 230V A.C. power supply and the control of each ventilator zone is via one or more 24V D.C. x 10 amp output printed circuit cards. The actual number of ventilators operated depends on the specific actuator power requirements for each project.
Each card is individually fused and has adjustable timing and links to other boards. This ensures that in the event of a card fault then the remaining cards in that control zone will continue to function.
Fuse protection is also provided to each control zone so that in the unlikely event of a complete zone failure the remaining control zones will continue to operate.

Power Input: 230V AC

Power Output: 10A, 20A, 30A or 40A

Features: –
  • Linked directly to the fire alarm system via a no voltage (N/V) interface units, by others
  • Operated from 24V D.C. smoke detector head systems, driven and controlled from the zone card
  • Operated by break glass units and / or local Fireman’s override switches
  • May be Remotely operated
  • Interlink between the panels is in signal rated cable further reduces the system overall cost
  • Compliant to EN12101-10
  • Not CE Marked
Each MCP may also have zone operating switches, these may be used for maintenance purposes or may be configured as master override switches to countermand any remote sensor or other signals, from break glass units or other sensors.
BS: EN 12101 Part 10
The standard panel has 24V D.C. x 5 amp power supply / battery charger unit.
To comply with the requirements of the new British Standard BS: EN12101 part 10 section 4.1 (Covering power supplies) which requires the control panel to have two independent sources of power.
For systems requiring more power to comply with this standard, enhanced power supply / charger units are available as:-
10 amp, 20 amp, 30 amp and 40 amp units.

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