VCS-S2 Single Zone AOV Control Panel

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Common Use:  This single zone AOV control panel is suited to operating AOV’S in the common areas of small multiple occupancy buildings – single stairwells, top window and end of corridor windows.

Product Information:

  • Control for 24V DC Window Actuators (5 Amp max)
  • 1-Zone
  • ‘Open-Auto-Close’ key switch on front panel
  • Can be interlinked to form larger systems
  • ‘Master’ & ‘Slave’ functions
  • Input options for Manual Callpoints (Not monitored) Smoke Sensor, Fire Alarm & Rocker Switch
  • Supplied with batteries
  • Certified & tested in accordance to EN 12101-10


  • Input Voltage: 230V AC
  • Output Voltage: 24v DC

Inputs For:

VCS-S2 Datasheet

VCS-S2 Operation & Maintenance Manual

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