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Description: The FlexiSmoke™ WSC 520, 540 & 560 are WSC5 series modular smoke ventilation panels to control ±24V DC and MotorLink® window actuators in large and medium sized buildings. Can be linked to more FlexiSmoke panels to make it suitable for very large buildings. All groups in the panel have been configured in the same way which means that each group can easily be set for smoke and/or comfort ventilation. SVS Ltd. offer a Configuration/ Programming service with Test & Commissioning.

PLEASE NOTE: These systems should be installed by at least a competent electrician. If you do not have this service please contact our team for a full install.

CE – EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

Power Input: 230V AC

Power Output: 20A, 40A or 60A

Features: –
  • Used for heat and smoke ventilation (H&S) and daily comfort ventilation
  • Uses only one type of group (each group can be set as H&S and/ or natural ventilation)
  • Panel has a low power consumption
  • Available in 20A (520), 40A (540) or 60A (560) standard per panel, more panels can easily be linked without any additional modules
  • Available for both ±24V standard motors and/or motors with MotorLink®
  • Has built-in touch screen for configuration/ programming (not closed protocol)
  • 1-39 motor lines
  • Input options for Manual Callpoints, Smoke Sensor, Fire Alarm, BMS & Rocker Switch
  • Uses less cabling as the panel uses bus technology
  • Wind direction depending H&S ventilation is standard additional modules are not needed
  • CE Marked – EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

WindowMaster WSC 520/540/560 Panel Data Sheet

Declaration of Conformity – CE

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