CCU2 Natural Ventilation Control Unit

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Description: Rain & Temperature Control Unit used to power 230V AC actuators. Automatically ventilate an indoor environment based on room temperature. Window(s) will automatically close in the event of rain. Digital control allows the user to set the desired room temperature. Manual’ mode allows the user to manually open or close the window(s). Maximum current output of 8 amp to operate 230V AC actuators. Can be flush mounted or surface mounted with additional back box. Supplied complete with temperature sensor and rain sensor.


  • Control for 230V AC Window Actuators (8 Amp max)
  • Load: 8.0A
  • 1-Zone
  • Automate windows based on indoor room Temperature
  • Automate windows to Close in the event of Rain
  • Manual control using switches and digital display
  • Supplied with Rain Sensor & Temperature Sensor
  • Size: 146 x 86 x 28 mm


CCU-RS1  –  Rain Sensor

CCU-TS1  –  Temperature Sensor