26SSD Smoke Shaft Damper with Grill

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Description: We offer the 26SSD which has been specifically designed for smoke shaft ventilation systems serving multi-storey commercial or residential properties. Its purpose is to open in the area of incidence for smoke extraction while remaining closed in other areas preventing the spread of smoke maintaining its integrity in preventing the spread of fire. 

Testing:  This unit has been fully tested in accordance to the harmonised standard BS EN 12101-8 and is suitable for automatic activation systems. It has been tested to BS EN 1366-10 in both directions, also tested to BS 1366-2 in both directions that classifies the unit to be suitable for multi-compartment. The unit is suitable for 500Pa system pressure and tested up to 10,000 cycles including additional cycles 10% under / 15% over voltage. 

The Damper:  The 26SSD comprises of three units, damper, removable sleeve and a grille. The benefit of the units design is that it is simple to install with various options and has easy access to maintain. The internals of the sleeve and damper are painted matt black as standard so they are hidden from view to allow the grille on the face to have the largest free area of 90%. There is sufficient space between the damper and grille to avoid interference with the damper blade operation. 

Operation: The operation of the damper is controlled by a power open / power close actuator mounted at the bottom of the unit with cover plates for protection. Included within the housing is a junction box and glands for cabling connection on site. 

Sizes: The damper size tested was to suit a structural opening of 1,013mm wide x 1,998mm high and that is the maximum size that can be supplied in one piece. 

Features: –

  • Available with 24V or 230V actuators
  • Damper comes with grill
  • Polyester powder finish White RAL 9010 20% Gloss – BS or RAL colours upon request
  • Tested according to EN 1366-10
  • This unit has been fully tested in accordance to the harmonised standard BS EN 12101-8 
  • Maximum system pressure – 500Pa
  • Maximum duct velocity – 20 m/s
  • Units can be installed in Type A to C drywalls and Blockwork to the same depth
  • Maintenance-free
  • For indoor use

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