Kamouflage Smoke Shaft Dampers

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Description: Kamouflage AOV is available as a 1 or 2 hour fire resistant smoke control damper suitable for single or multi compartment applications for smoke control purposes such as lobby to smoke shaft ventilators. What makes the Kamouflage AOV smoke control Damper truly unique is its ability to be disguised within the compartment wall of the common areas. Its outer face consists of a plasterboard panel enabling decorative finishes to be applied to match the adjacent wall finish, colour and texture.

The unit fixes into a fire compartment shaft wall and or fire rated duct and is direct fixed within the opening through the sides of the damper. After the damper has been securely fitted any shaft side perimeter gaps must be caulked with intumescent sealing material. Recommended fixing details are available on request to suit an array of fire compartment walls together with safety, Installation and maintenance instructions. The Kamouflage AOV is based on a damper door design and has been tested and certified to BS EN12101-8 achieving 1 and 2 hour fire rating. This is particularly important so to maintain the fire integrity of any shaft.

The units are available for 24 volt DC activation with a requirement for manual reset only.

In addition to single and double shutter units for vertical wall installation, The Kamouflage P model is suitable for ceiling mounting into the bottom of a shaft via the use of a 1st fix mounting frame. Each model has a locking stand open device to maintain the dampers in their fire open position.

Features: –

  • Aesthetic model without the need for a finishing grille (patent pending)
  • Minimal pressure drop
  • Superior air tightness (tested to 1500 Pa)
  • Improved energy efficiency and acoustic insulation
  • Suitable and approved for installation into a variety of fire compartment structures
  • Auxiliary switches for remote damper position indication
  • Wide range of sizes for optimal selection considering pressure drop and space available. Without a pressure drop of the finishing grille to consider the Kamouflage AOV units provide the most efficient solution possible with the products superior low leakage and Fire resistant properties

Kamouflage product brochure

Kamouflage P product brochure

Kamouflage CE Declaration of Performance 

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