Shaft Single Leaf Smoke Vent Door

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Description: These Shaft Smoke Vents open to 90 degrees in under 60 seconds to provide 0.6m2 and 1.0m2 free vent area. For use with natural smoke shaft installations. These smoke shaft doors may be installed vertically into a variety of walls.  Their design provides a flush, unobtrusive finish. These Shaft Smoke Vent Door are manufactured from steel, fully welded with full length concealed piano hinge Come supplied paint-ready or powder-coated.

They are tested to 11,000 opening cycles, which may they can also be used for comfort cooling. Airtight to Part L EN12207:2000 and BS EN2176 Part 31, they are powered by 24V DC actuators with a drive open, drive close operation.

Unit includes 3 point locking access panel which opens towards the user and is supplied with a square drive key through the round keyhole in the door face after removal of the white plastic cap. Also included is and a pre-wired back box and removable face plate.

Features: –

  • CE marked and fully certified to BS EN12101-2
  • Standard size of 0.6m2 and 1.0m2 available from stock
  • Opens to 90 degrees in under 60 seconds
  • Flush mounted for unobtrusive finish
  • Certified to EN1634-1 60 minute fire rated
  • Fully welded four-sided rigid frame construction
  • Fully-length concealed continuous hinge
  • 36dB acoustic reduction

Technical Data Sheet

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