Stirling Casement Ventilator

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Description: The Stirling smoke and heat exhaust ventilator (SHEV) is constructed from extruded AW 6063-T6 aluminium alloys manufactured to EN775 specification. Incorporated within the extrusion profiles is provision for dual weather sealing, control mechanism attachment, hinge location and standard glazing bead and gasket for various size glass and insulating panels. The casement is attached to the ventilator frame using propriety die cast aluminium hinges that allow the casement to open to a Fire position minimum of 140 degrees.

Features: –

  • Can be fitted both horizontally and vertically
  • Various flanges are available to allow integration with non-glazed composite structures
  • Easily extended and adapted to integrate with modern curtain walls and other forms of structure
  • Meets the needs for 1.0 m2, 1.5 m2 and 3.0 m2 automatic opening vents (AOV’s)
  • Can be naturally anodised or painted to any BS or RAL colour required
  • Tested to BS EN12101-2 for use as a smoke ventilator

Stirling Casement Ventilator Data Sheet

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