Velux Flat Roof CSP Window – 120cm x 120cm

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Note: SVS Ltd. no longer supply this vent for smoke ventilation purposes.

The VELUX flat roof window CSP effectively removes heat and smoke. This is a double glazed flat roof smoke ventilation system with laminated glazing and an opaque polycarbonate cover. The smoke ventilator shown offers an area of 1.30m2 smoke free ventilation.

Please contact the office for controls for this vent – Please note that Velux recommend a 10 Amp panel to operate this vent.

Flat roof smoke ventilation system
• External frame size of 138cm x 138cm.
• Innovative solution for a flat roof where smoke ventilation is required.

Laminated glazing
• 6.4mm laminated inner pane offers additional safety.
• Offers improved noise reduction compared to – -34 and – -59 glazing.
• 4mm toughened outer pane with low-E coating.
• Clear and clean coating to keep windows clean for longer.

Features: –
• 10 year guarantee on windows and flashings.
• 3 year guarantee on all electrical products and accessories.
• Suitable for roof pitches between 0 and 15°.
• Tested and certified to EN ISO 12101-2.
• AA fire rated.

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