Manufacturer’s Product Testing Facility

This small and simple but unusual project, was for a local client who required a product testing room of approximately 15m³. The final design by our building services engineer consisted of a basic smoke clearance system utilising a single duty fan externally. The low setting extract rate for testing purposes (as provided by the client) was only 0.2m³/s. The higher setting extract rate required to clear the room faster was 0.5 to 0.7m³/s.

The extract point filtered through an internal 24v damper with an egg crate grill. It used an existing window opening into ductwork, which then exited, turned vertically, and finally extended above the gutter height. A single 500mm long-case fire rated fan was mounted in this external ductwork. Operation of this system was via an EC electronic controller, as recommended by our fan manufacturer. Once installed, flow rate testing was conducted to confirm testing rates and mark controls for the client’s ease of use. The project met the client’s design brief and was highly cost effective.

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