Natural Ventilation of Sprinkler System Plant Room

This single-zone natural ventilation system comprised of a wall Opensky louvre ventilator and 2.5amp Aumuller control panel with battery back-up. The vent needed to be kept closed when compressors or pumps were not running, in order to keep the plant room warm during cold weather.

The system’s primary purpose was to activate via a “fire alarm input” module from the sprinkler pump pressure switches. Additionally, if the primary air compressor switch was activated, a relay in the ventilation panel was to operate the wall ventilator. At the client’s request, an additional manual override switch (rocker type) was incorporated on the front of the control panel. This could be activated when the two main inputs were not being used. This system was cost effective and SVS ensured it achieved the cause and effect required by the client’s advisors.

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