ACK4 Actuator

ACK4 Chain Actuator

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Description: Available in black, white or grey, these ACK4 chain type actuators have a strong die cast aluminium body with a robust stainless steel chain containing an acoustic device that warns of incorrect installation. The ACK4 actuator is particularly popular for skylights, roof vents and conservatories.

Force: 300N

Power: 230V AC or 24V DC

Stroke: 7 adjustable positions between 100-400mm

Colour: White (RAL9010), Black (RAL9005), Grey (RAL9006) or Sprayed specific RAL colour

Features: –

  • Strong die-cast aluminium body
  • A robust stainless steel chain
  • Acoustic device warns of incorrect installation
  • All electrical parts are double insulated and supplied with 1.5m cable
  • Available in white, black or grey
  • Speed of 27mm/s (at 230V AC) or 17mm/s (at 24V DC)
  • Brackets and fixings sold separately

ACK4 Datasheet

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Part Codes:

ACK4230UNIB – ACK4 Actuator 230 V 400 mm Black

ACK4230UNIG – ACK4 Actuator 230 V 400 mm Silver

ACK4230UNIW – ACK4 Actuator 230 V 400 mm White

ACK424UNIB – ACK4 Actuator 24 V 400 mm Black

ACK424UNIG – ACK4 Actuator 24 V 400 mm Silver

ACK424UNIW – ACK4 Actuator 24 V 400 mm White


ACK4BHB – Inward Opening Bracket Black

ACK4CBB – Cill Bracket Black

ACK4CBG – Cill Bracket Silver

ACK4CBW – Cill Bracket White

ACK4LPBB – Large Pivot Bracket Black

ACK4LPBG – Large Pivot Bracket Silver

ACK4LPBW – Large Pivot Bracket White

ACK4PINSMALL – Extension Pin 10-20 mm

ACK4PINMEDIUM – Extension Pin 20-30 mm

ACK4PINLARGE – Extension Pin 30-40 mm

ACK4SBB – Standard Bracket Black

ACK4SBG – Standard Bracket Silver

ACK4SBW – Standard Bracket White

ACK4SPBB – Small Pivot Bracket Black

ACK4SPBG – Small Pivot Bracket Silver

ACK4SPBW – Small Pivot Bracket White