HCV Door Drive

HCV Door Drive

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Description:  HCV Door Drive suitable for doors for natural ventilation and some smoke ventilation purposes.

Push / Pull Force:  500N

Locking Force: 1000N

Power: 24V DC

Current: 1.4A

Protective Class: IP32

Speed Open/Close: 10 mm/s

Features: –

  • Microprocessor controlled BUS-synchronization
  • Electronic overload protection
  • Relief after closing
  • Reduced speed and force during the last 70 mm of closing (“Soft-close”)
  • Aluminium alloy housing with special surface treatment
  • Drive is supplied with 2.5 m silicone cable
  • Tested according to EN12101-2
  • Compatible with all SVM 24V Control Panels

HCV Door Drive Information