Slimchain Actuator

Geze Slimchain Chain Actuator

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Description: The Geze Slimchain actuator is suitable for both smoke extraction and natural ventilation purposes, the Slimchain Chain Actuator boasts continuously adjustable drive strokes and speeds. Up to three drives can be synchronised to work simultaneously with no external control device required.

Force: 200N

Power: 230V AC or 24V DC

Stroke: Between 240 to 360mm

Features: –

  • 24V DC can be used for both heat and smoke extraction
  • 230V AC can be used for both natural heat and smoke extraction systems, as well as for natural ventilation
  • Continuously adjustable drive stroke and individual speeds for the ventilation and RWA modes
  • Synchronisation of up to 3 drives with no external control device

Geze Slimchain Datasheet

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