SVL Multi Zone AOV Control Panel

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Common Use:  SVL fully certified control panels are designed to operate smoke and comfort ventilation with 24V/48V DC options. 

The SVL is a Multi Zone Control Panel, delivered with 2 motor groups as standard but can be expanded up to 6 motor groups with 4 additional modules. All groups can be configured with individual input for fire and comfort opening, reset, smoke/heat detectors, and an extra line monitored input from eg. open indication.

Alarm and fail relay with potential free NO/NC contact per motor group is standard.Common input for weather sensor / close all is standard.

The 2-wire powerline connection for intelligent Fire Switches / intelligent Manual Control Point (iMCP), intelligent Firemans Priority Switch (iFPS) and the CAN Bus Communications for connecting with more SVL Control Panels, is very functional in the event of cable faults. It ensures easy installation and very high operational safety, due to the “ring” connection principle.

Top and Bottom cable entries in FL21 flange makes it easier to install the Control Panel in relation to cabling.

The SVL Control Panel has a compact and elegant design and is certified according to EN12101-10 class A (double supply).All Control Panels are delivered incl. battery back-up. 

Product Information

  • Multi Zone: Up to 6 zones / motor groups for fire- and comfort ventilation (modular build). 
  • 2-wire CAN Bus for communication between other SVL Control Panels – up to 10 pcs. 
  • 2-wire Powerline connection for intelligent Fire Switches (iMCP – intelligent Manual Control Point and iFPS – intelligent Firemans Priority Switch) 
  • “Ring” connection for intelligent Fire Switches and other SVL Control Panels in the bus communication, to ensure high operations safety in case of cable fault. 
  • Easy setup from Smart Phone – Android and iOS. 
  • 24V or 48V output editions – Up to 50A in total for one Control Panel, max. 25A per motor group. 
  • Separate control per motor output for: • Fire, comfort and detector • Alarm and fail relay • Reset input • Extra fail monitoring input (to be used for variety of features) 
  • Top and bottom cable entries and possibility for cable trunking inside the Control Panel. 
  • Event logging – read out via App. 
  • EN12101-10 class A (double supply) certified. 


  • Input Voltage: 240v AC 50Hz
  • Output Voltage: 24v or 48v DC
  • 15, 20, 32 or 40A options
  • Weight – 34 kg (inc batteries)
  • Enclosure size – 516 x 215 x 660 mm


Manual Call Point (iMCP) break-glass

Daily Vent Rocker Switch – S50

Wind and Rain Sensor


SVL Data Sheet

SVL Installation Guide

Declaration of Performance Certificate EN12101-10

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