Avantage MP Smoke Shaft Damper

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Description: The Avantage MP Smoke Control Damper is available as single (1V) and double (2v) shutter units, with a double action actuator that allows the remote opening and resetting of the blade. The Avantage MP is a CE marked product certified in accordance with EN12101-8 suitable for vertical mounting within apertures in ducts or structures. It has a C10000 reliability classification that is suitable for use in combined smoke control and environmental systems and it offers a fire-resistance of 60 or 120 minutes (see the classification overview), and ensures minimum pressure loss.
Smoke control dampers are suitable for use in ventilating protected lobbies, venting to shafts either naturally or mechanically. They open to evacuate smoke in emergency situations whilst maintaining fire resistant integrity in standby position.

Features: –

  • Simple operating tests through remote opening and resetting
  • Optimal free air passage and minimal pressure loss
  • Tested according to EN 1366-10
  • Compliant with EN 12101-8
  • CE Marked
  • Approved for installation in calcium-silicate, ‘Staff’, Tecniver and Glasroc shafts
  • maintenance-free
  • For indoor use

Technical Data

Product Drawing

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