SND-R Natural Smoke Shaft Damper with Grill

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The Shaft Natural Damper – Residential (SND-R) is a multi-zone smoke control damper designed for use in natural smoke ventilation systems. It is typically installed into shafts to provide extract ventilation to corridors and into smoke control ducts in residential and commercial buildings.

The SND-R is certified to BS EN 12101-8:2011 and has a fire resistance class of EIS 120. It may be used in multi-compartmented smoke control ducts and has an integrity and insulation of 120 minutes. In addition, the SND-R has been tested for reliability up to 10,000 cycles and may be used for environmental ventilation.

It is manufactured with a steel casing and fire rated multi-blade louvres, and operate by a drive open/drive close 24V AC/DC Belimo actuator. The SND-R is supplied with a hinged white linear grill internally, which provides a neat finish whilst enabling quick access for commissioning and service.

Specific Features:
  • Certified to BS EN 12101-8:2011
  • Classified to EN 13501-4:2016
  • Tested to EN 1366-2 and EN 1366-10
  • Fire resistance class EIS 120
  • Suitable for smoke control in multi-zone smoke ventilation systems
  • May be used for environmental ventilation
  • Available up to 1.20m2 maximum geometric area
  • Manufactured with steel fire protected housing for installation directly into smoke shaft apertures
  • Hinged white linear grill internally provides a neat finish whilst enabling quick access for commissioning and service
  • Remote signalling of both open and closed positions

Technical Specifications:

Maximum size Width X Height (mm)969 x 2402
Response time/closure time30s/60s
Operational reliability10,000
Fire resistance – integrityE120
Fire resistance – insulationI120
Smoke Leakage – 500PAS500
ActivationAA (Automatic Activation)
Multi CompartmentMulti
Mounting PositionVEW, this means the product is suitable for vertical installation into a wall.
Testing Positioni ‹–› o, this means that the product meets the testing requirements from both the inside and the outside.