Aumuller FTA 600 Folding Arm Actuators – R / GF / DF

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Description:This high quality Aumuller folding arm drive is suitable for opening and closing side-hung windows and certain doors to 90°. Available in three options (Inward, Slider & Roller) for use in Natural Ventilation and some SHEV applications.

Power: 24V DC

Rated Current: 1.0 – 1.4A

Rated Power: 20 – 24w

Opening-Closing Force: 600N

Protection Rating: IP32

Colour: Silver

Suitable For: 

  • FTA600 R –    Normally used for outward opening doors.
  • FTA600 DF – Mainly used for opening and closing of side-hung outward opening windows
  • FTA600 GF – Mainly used for opening and closing of side-hung inward opening windows

Data Sheets:

FTA 600 R – Roller data sheet 

FTA 600 GF – Outward Opening data sheet

FTA 600 DF – Inward Opening data sheet

Aumuller FTA 600 Assembly & Commissioning Instructions


Locking Drives – FV1 / FV3 / FV4 data sheet

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