Fakro FSR Centre Pivot Smoke Vent Windows

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Description: These Fakro FSR centre pivot windows with electrical actuator (as shown). With an installation range of 15-90°.  This smoke ventilation window has been manufactured and certified according to harmonised standard EN 12101-2:2003. The FSR is usually installed in stairways.

Features: –

  • Suitable for roofs with pitches between 15° and 90°.
  • FSC Certified.
  • BBA Approved (02/3944).
  • Manufactured according to EN 12101-2:2003.
  • Made of high quality, vacuum impregnated pine which is guaranteed to be knot free. It is finished with natural lacquer.
  • “topSafe” security means there is a reinforced hinge on the window. The FSR held together with a steel slat to the lower part of the sash to achieve at least class III safety as per EN13049.
  • Glass construction from outside to inside = 4H-ST14Ar-33.2T3 – the outer pane is a 4mm toughened glass, 14mm steel spacer filled with inert argon gas.
  • The 6.8mm internal pane is an anti-burglary class of laminate 33.2 (class P2A, EN 356,1(B)1 wg EN 12600), complete with a low emission coating.

Fakro FSR User Manual

Packages available: –

1 Single electrically operated FSR Smoke Vent Window

1 SVM single-zone control panel with battery back-up (Fakro unit also available)

1 break glass call point (Fakro unit also available) 

1 smoke detector

Additional smoke detectors and break glass call points can be ordered separately – Please contact office for more details.

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