Smokejet Louvre Ventilator

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Description: The SMOKEJET is a louvre ventilator which, in addition to its function as a smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system, can also be used as a natural ventilation unit. For the infill of the louvres, you can choose between aluminium, glass and PC. To this end, the SMOKEJET ventilation and natural smoke exhaust ventilation unit uses the thermal lift in the building depending on the pressure and temperature difference for natural ventilation or natural smoke exhaust ventilation in the event of a fire. Daily ventilation independent of weather conditions is provided via automated rain sensors. In the event of a fire, SMOKEJET opens automatically via a thermal triggering device (TTD) or the fire alarm system.
Due to its high stability, its low weight and the comprehensive application possibilities, the roda SMOKEJET louvre ventilator is always appreciated by architects and building owners. Can be installed in vertical application – also consider the S200 wall Louvre ventilator.

Features: –

  • Can be customised for all roof openings up to 5.71 m²
  • MULTIJET version provides daily ventilation as well as smoke vent louvres
  • Natural daylight illumination which is glare-free when using PC Softlite
  • Full ventilation at louvre position of 90°
  • Ideally suited for shed roofs, as well as roofs with a pitch of 30° to 90°
  • Ideally suited for wall constructions
  • Good aerodynamic efficiency
  • Simple installation
  • Only one drive per unit required
  • Installation of the pneumatic or electric drive completely in the frame
  • Drainage of rainwater through integrated rain gutters in lateral drainage channels
  • Building material class A1 (in appropriate design)
  • Hail- and fall-through-proof according to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Ageing resistance
  • Functionality in endurance test with 10,000 opening operations
  • Use of dimensionally accurate cast parts for all brackets
  • Drill-hole-free base connection via tension locks
  • Customised colouring according to customer requirements
  • Product is recyclable and free from harmful materials

SHEV Designs: –

  • Electrical –    Electrically 24V (0,8A) operated via a SHEV control panel with buffer accumulators.
  • Pneumatic – Pneumatically operated via thermal priority valve (TPV) and connected CO2 cartridge.

Applications: –

  • Flat roof
  • Saddle skylight strip
  • Barrel skylight strip
  • Shed roof
  • Façade

Roof SmokeJet Smoke Ventilator Data Sheet

S200 Wall Louvre Ventilator Data Sheet

Packages Include:

1 Electrically operated Louvre Roof Smoke Vent – to achieve 1m2

Or, 1 Electrically operated Louvre Roof Smoke Vent – to achieve 1.5m2

1 Single Zone Wall Control Panel (SVM)

1 Break Glass Call Point

1 Smoke Detector

Additional switches and detectors available

Additional vent sizes, glazing and finishes available

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